Monthly Archives: March 2006

Blog now moved… see the new Anything Geospatial weblog

I’ve finally updated and moved my blog… also, it’s now been re- named the Anything Geospatial Blog… Please jump to and be sure to update your weblinks, bookmarks and feeds if you have any setup…. your feedback is appreciated and please be sure to drop me a line if you encounter any weirdness! Cheers, Glenn


Mapping Avian flu using Google Earth – developed with ArcGIS and Arc2Earth

Declan Butler has updated his already popular avian flu mapping thanks to the release of arc2Earth. Declan is now producing a KML for use in google earth which is updated automatically each week. The maps and data provide information about human and poultry outbreaks and information about each individual occurence is provided… nice stuff! the new maps are avaiable from and you can get the KML at reminder… I’m phasing out this blog as I’ve migrated to a new home at

GISuser Chat – Google Mashup Chat Room enabled by Mapable… this is way cool!

This is cool… an online social application enabling you to create your own chat room that’s integrated with Google MAps. Users create a profiule and when logged in a bubble displays who’s online and where they are. The application took me about one minute to develop my own chat room – GISuser Chat – – you may also be able to access it from – this is totally cool!! You may have to sign up as a user but that’s very painless… kudos to Mapable for a very slick app! To try it out jump to my chat room, login and send me a message

Anything Geospatial… should I do it?

I’m searching for feedback on my “new and improved” Blog titled Anything Geospatial – — Should I stay or should I go? I’ve been messing with the my.opera blog functionality for a bit but I can’t decide whether to flip the switch or not. What’s your take? Any comments? The blogger blog (this one here) has served it’s purpose and there’s likely many links in and people sucking in the RSS feed, so I’m obviously worried about ticking off those people by moving. If I move will it affect you or do you even care?? Unless I see any major issues I’m thinking that this week-end or Monday I’ll pull the plug on blogging here and Use the my.opera GISuser blog that I’ve developed at … I even have a name… Anything Geospatial

Mapguide Open Source Sample apps including Mapguide with Google Earth Integration

James Fee has reminded us about some nifty applications developed using Mapguide Open Source ( – thanks for the head-sup James! Those looking to see what the latest in Open Source can accomplish will be treated to some samples that show off the various options enabled by the solution, this includes the AJAX viewer, and the DWF Viewer (download required). Sample apps from the City of Sheboygan (at the time of writing there appeared to be some problems loading the app) are provided as well as an application that integrates Mapguide with Google Earth – this one queries a parcel map database and loads the results in Earth. See the Mapguide demos at

Mozilla Thunderbird and now the Lightning Project Calendar – any users?

Anyone out there using Mozilla thunderbird as an email client? (see . I think I may install this on my laptop and have some fun, especially since there’s word of a new redesign of the calendar component that looks pretty slick. The redesign is billed as The Lightning Project. More on this at

Dig VS Dot – digg or slashdot… have em both!

I was skimming Tim O’reilly’s blog aka. the O’reilly Radar ( and noticed a very small mention to this interesting new app. I guess, you could call it a mashup that cross-posts the most recently cross-posted items from Digg and slashdot. Cross-posting is all the wave as everyone is in search of traffic and more traffic… ya I try this as well, sometimes blogging here, posting a mention of the blog in a discussion forum, re-blogging it in my Opera weblog, then digging it, yadayada.. why not.. everyone else is doing it! Sometimes the cross-posting trail does get a bit wild though… I recall this week catching wind of something of interest at allaboutsymbian. They had given kudos to a blogger for a nice job. Then, another blogger (Darla Mack) blogs a kudos to AAS for picking up on and mentioning a blog post at S60.. my lord, when does this end. Ok, I’m digressing… see Dig vs Dot at