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how to grab attention… get bought out by Nokia!

An observation… I noticed this morning that virtually every Geo newspub has picked up on some PR about Nokia’s purchase of German-based Gate5 – these guys are the developers of the smart2go travel guides – a mobile navigation solution. This is all cool but what I find somewhat odd is that we’ve pretty much never seen Gate5 mentioned on the “GIS” pubs prior to this eventhough they’ve been around for years. Now that Nokia has them it’s front page news.. weird. I guess it is great for all of us though as the acquisition means that navigation will now be making it to decks as they are shipped, bringing mobile navigation and directions to the finger tips of users. FYI, Gate5 are in fact regularly referenced on LBS focused publications and ezines. I recently mention them myself on and – they were even one of my first advertisers helping to get off the ground. For more on Gate5 see


firefox2 expected today

From the mozilla wiki, firefox2 (beta) is expected to be available today – assuming no stop-ship items discovered. More details can be found in the status meeting minutes and obviously you can get more info at

Public Geo data open letter translations wanted

Jo Walsh over at the free gis list has made a request for help to locate people to translate a document that will be used in a coming submission. About The public geo data open letter The goal of this letter is to ask the ministers of the 25 member states to publish their position on the 2 important amendments of the Parliament regarding exclusion rights of state collected geo data. See – the text is about 2/3 of an A4 page and would be about 10-15 minutes work.

A mashup developer tip – mapicons from TerraIMS

I just stumbled onto an interesting developer of mashups and much more at TerraIMS. These developers not only have some very cool mashups but they also have several innovative solutions including an Internet Map Server (IMS), and a very cool product called mapIcons – map marker visualization for Googleâ„¢ Maps and Yahoo! Maps. mapicons includes a comprehensive library of high-quality PNG graphics files that can be used in any map ‘mashup’… how sweet is that? No more boring pushpins or simple bullets, balloons or dots for symbolizing your mashup. Check out the sample map gallery including the following mashups:
State of Oregon DMV locations
Recent earthquakes around the Globe
Oh, by the way, mapiconos is totally free!! See

Advanced Diploma in GIS Applications Certificate Program – Limited seats

Just a quick update from my local College on their advanced GIS Program… Limited seats are available. Malaspina University-College is still accepting applications for the September intake of this post-graduate program in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). This leading-edge program, offered at Malaspina’s Nanaimo campus on Vancouver Island, has been designed to appeal to students from differing technical and academic backgrounds. The Advanced Diploma in GIS Applications includes 4 months of intensive classroom instruction followed by 4 months of practical applications in the workplace. Students become knowledgeable in how to use ArcGIS, ArcIMS, ArcSDE and ArcOjbects. Local and regional GIS operators welcome a GIS skills-based program that uses the full suite of ESRI products. Students in the Advanced Diploma in GIS Applications program have successfully found project placements among local and regional offices of consulting firms and government agencies. For more information, please visit our website at or contact the Centre for Continuing Studies at 1-866-734-6252

Free surveyor Sweatshirt — maybe if you get lucky!

I love these kinds of gimicks… not! Check out this image I just received in some promotional effort by Prof Surv Mag. I get an email asking me to please take a survey and I can get a free Sweatshirt. Then i notice the little asterix next to the shirt and look below for more details. Then I see in something like 3 point text font the disclaimer – FIRST 50 RESPONDENTS – pretty much non-legible to the naked eye (I blew it up in an image enhancement app that I have in order to verify – see white area in image lower-left) Nice touch but personally, I’ll take The American Surveyor Mag ;0)

1.4 million geotagged flickr images?

Recall I mentioned yesterday about the addition of geotagging to the flickr functionality.. well, apparently there’s been more than 1.4 million photos geotagged in the past 2 days alone… wow! Obviously this is a very desirable feature. HEre’s a reminder about the how to video – Are you a flickr fan and in the Seattle area? How about attending the Seattle flickr meetup?