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new book on geospatial Web technology and web 2.0

The Geospatial Web — How Geobrowsers, Social Software and the Web 2.0 are
Shaping the Network Society is book summarizes the latest research on the
Geospatial Web's technical foundations, describes information services and
collaborative tools built on top of geo-browsers, and investigates the
environmental, social and economic impacts of geospatial applications. The
role of contextual knowledge in shaping the emerging network society
deserves particular attention. By integrating geospatial and semantic
technology, such contextual knowledge can be extracted automatically – for
example, when processing Web documents to identify relevant content for
customized news services.

Arno Scharl, Klaus Tochtermann (Eds.)
Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing Series
2007, London: Springer, ISBN 1-84628-826-6

With a Foreword by Patrick J. Hogan, Program Manager of NASA World Wind – the book will be available May 18


Version 5.0 of the Virtual Earth API now available

Over at the MSDN blogs Virtual Earth program manager Andy McGovern has
come up with the following update: "we've been busy poking around the
Virtual Earth forums and blogs, listening to corporate customers and
mashuppers alike, and coming up with a list of the top features and fixes
that would make the best mapping API even better—better for end users, but
mainly better for you, the developer. We think you'll like what we've come
up with." The following are just some of the new features:

import polylines and polygons using GeoRSS feeds.

enjoy the same bird's eye panning experience from Live Search Maps that
you know and love.

programmatic control of the mini map: show it, hide it, and move it around.

center a bird's eye scene on a latlong more accurately.

faster page load time with a compressed map control code base that is
approximately 25% of its uncompressed size (from around 500kb to around

initial map now loads faster because we stopped fetching an extra ring of
invisible tiles around the map view.

choice of two smaller navigation dashboards.

Find method: you can now remove any or all of the Find method side
effects, like the automatic map view change and the automatic display of

Note, an updated virtual SDK is also available – see – Source:

Fishing for leads of GIS certificate programs, graduate programs and the like

I’m doing a bit of fishing for leads on some decent GIS certificate programs, specialty programs at various Colleges and Universities etc… do you have some recent experience at an institution of “higher learning” with a cool GIS related program? If so blast me some details about the program – once again you can always contact me via glenn at I’ve already got a few leads to some programs in this section at GU and your input will help …

Hack Day coming to the UK

Fresh from the fantastic success of Hack Day in the USA, Yahoo! has announce that they plan to hold a Hack Day at the Alexandra Palace in London on 16th and 17th June 2007. From the creators of the event… We’ll be inviting 500 developers to attend the event, which will begin with hack-related presentations from some of the Web’s most respected developers. See — See also

Event of interest regarding Canada – US trade in Geospatial Technologies

I received details of this interesting event taking place in Toronto early next month. This event from US Commercial Service offers you the opportunity to explore new products, services and business relationships that can add savings and profits to a company’s bottom line. More info at

Google to launch hardware product lineup? Search started for Product Program Manager

yaya… here we go again with more rumors about the Google phone, or perhaps the Google PC, or maybe even the Google handheld GPS?? Personally, I would think that a killer Google portable video/music player would be the ticket… throw in support for the Opera mobile web browser that calls up what else… Google  search and YouTube… I suppose the sky is the limit when you have such deep pockets and access to a wealth of talent and innovation. So where is this coming from? A recent job listing on the Google Job page is putting the call out for a “Manufacturing New Product Introduction Program Manager” – one of the key responsibilities is to Ensure that Google can manufacture new hardware products in mass production without problems… hmmmmm. See

Hurricane Tracking mashup – StormPulse

A reader named Matthew contacted me to share details of his very slick hurricane tracking mashup called StormmPulse. The application has a very nice mapping interface and provides tons of information about historical hurricanes. Users can map the storm track, access information about the storm from NOAA, read about the storm’s lifecycle, grab info from Wikipedia, view photos posted to flickr that reference the hurricane and much more (as an example see details of Hurricane Alberto, 2006 – this is a fantastic mashup and I can’t wait to see more from it! See