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Work offline with Reader thanks to Google Gears

Imagine working offline without missing a hitch… enter Google Gears.

Recall one year ago Google web toolkit – write in tools that your familiar with and deploy with relative ease. Recently a milestone with 1 millionth download. But, there’s some limits with AJAX.. ie. When you aren’t online (say using your PC on a plane) this is where google gears comes into play as your users can work in offline mode – gears is BSD license (open source)… take your applications offline… “we want this to be a standard for developers”

More on Gears… works on all major platforms… suitable for everyone’s needs. This launch reflects google’s thinking – want it to be an evolutionary approach. Evolutionary from a end user standpoint – enable you to use your app when you’re offline. Developers can continue using their existing skills.

Google reader offline is launched at the same time as well Use gears to sync all of your feeds… they are now available for viewing offline… SWEET!!! Demo… in offline mode (not web) use reader to look at your feeds.. use all the functionality and next time you go online your edits and updates are synched. Not using Google reader yet? Check it out and sync your favorite feeds. For more on this see


checking in from Google Developer Day 2007

Just checking in from google developer day 2007 here in San Jose. We just spent an hour or so hanging in the gogole lounge, grabbing some google shwag and chatting with some other developers and attendees. the event is about to kick off and I scored a seat front and center.. until we break out into different tracks. The session titled building blocks for better web apps is about to kick off… a reminder that you can catch this event via a live webcast – search google for the location of that one. No doubt you also may have caught some of the events and news from the other events that took place earlier today at various venues around the Globe… can’t wait to get back and see what transpired around the world in this marathon developer fest.

Hey I scored a spacenavigator from Google Earth Blog.. cool!

Just got a phone call from Frank Taylor – creator of the way cool google earth blog. Frank informed me that I was randomly selected as the winner of a space navigator – a very funky navigation device (puck) designed to enhance your 3D navigation – like when using Google Earth or Microsoft Live Search. I’ll be connecting with Frank tomorrow at Google Developer Day to pickup the prize. Thanks Frank! I’ll also be sure to report in the near future on how I’ll be using the navigator.

Google Developer Day kicks off down-under – word of Google Gears, Google Mashup Editor

From down-under… google announces Google Gears an open source technology for creating offline web applications. Google is offering Google Gears as a free, fully open source technology in order to help every web application, not just Google applications. As a first example of what is possible, the Google Reader™ feed reader ( is available today with Gears-enabled offline capabilities. Google Gears works with all major browsers on all major platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux. Google Gears is available now at

Also out of devday in Australia is some news we’ll be hearing about in a few hours here in San Jose… a solution for easier mashup creation – Google Mashup Editor, an experimental online code editor for building mashups using a simple markup language. Aimed at developers familiar with HTML and JavaScript, the Google Mashup Editor offers a simpler way to deploy AJAX user interface components atop existing feeds and Google web services. By substituting extended XHTML tags for entire blocks of JavaScript code and hosting the mashups on Google servers, the Google Mashup Editor speeds mashup creation and fosters more powerful, more interesting web applications.

Google Developer Day website will provide live webcasts of the sessions
see: – I’ll be there so check out the flickr for some pics and check back here for some comments from Google devday.

On a side note, I just caught the 11 o’clock news here in San Jose. Seems that people being interviewed in the Bay area are a bit concerned that the new Google Street Side imagery may be a little to good in some cases… the concern is that people’s faces are clearly discernable in many scenes. Imagine this, perhaps you were comminng out of Secrets Adult Shop on Market St. when the imagery was being collected… would you want your mug front and center leaving Sectrets?? No doubt we’ll be hearing more about this over the coming weeks… Apparently Google has commented that they will gladly remove or obscure any images that cause people concern.

Where2.0 wrapping up

Where2.0 is close to wrapping up. One of the most confusing aspects of this event is no doubt the selection of presenters / speakers (ie. who gets selected to present) and how long they get on stage. Some presenters get 5 minute “lightning” slots and others get 15 minute blocks of time. As we wind down is seems apparent that many people are wondering how the final speaker manages to score a marathon 30 minute block of time. Nothing against the presenter or the topic “Where is “here” and what’s mapping got to do with it” but how is it that she gets 30 minutes and Michael Jones gets only 15 minutes, Christian Dwyer (Mapquest) a mere 5 minutes.. what the hey… that’s where2.0 for ya! Nice job Brady et al. FYI, Brady Forrest, conference chair informed me that there were some 200+ submissions by people wanting to present at this year’s event. Keep this in mind if you plan on showing your stuff next year – it better be good!

Michael Jones, Google CTO at Where2.0- sports triquarter and Apple iPhone

Michael Jones, Google CTO took to the stage of Where2.0 today carrying of all things… a triquarter. Why? Well, if you thought it would be impossible to be in possession of such a device Michael would like you to know that it is indeed possible… as is much more – like perhaps the 3D web! We all know by now that Google’s mission is organizing all of the World’s information. The Challenge though… there’s a second web, a geospatial web and Jones notes that it’s underserved… perhaps it’s a little less underserved after the Where 2.0 event! We were reminded about spatial modality and that what makes it great is the connectedness – think “The 3D spatial web”… Google is indeed working hard at not only organizing the World’s information but is also aggressively building out the 3D web. This week we’ve heard about Google’s high-res street-side imagery, the addition of mapplets, and recall SketchUp coming into the fold and being given away to the user community… today Jones confirmed that the company has indeed acquired Panoramio… all pieces of the puzzle in developing the 3D Web. I’m sure we’ll hear more about all of this tomorrow at the Google Developer day. Finally, in addition to the triquarter, Jones also brought with him an Apple iPhone (which also was sporting what else… maps!) – see video below from my youtube:

Browsing + shopping = NearbyNow

NearbyNow makes a shopping mall searchable – fromm the developers… search before you shop with your mobile device. Find anything you need near you…signs in a mall prompt users to txt in to win, search etc… a unique mall code is provided for each mall. The service also offers sweepstakes like daily prizes, spotlight specials. Currently live in 50 malls, 110 by December. They offer “reserve this product” service enabling users to hold items at a retail outlet. Driving the uptake:

Thanks American idol

Sweepstakes are helpful

Has more “sale” interest than the web

The right offer can create stampedes

See more info on this innovative LBS app at