Free GIS Data Tip: Orthophoto Servers and FTP sites… enjoy!

Looking for orthos? Here’s a decent reminder list that I published a while back… always useful for reference.. enjoy. The data from the SDDS is available as a seamless product on the Seamless Data Distribution System see The imagery is available for online download as small files or larger areas may be purchased on media (CD or DVD). Looking for more free resources & FTP sites?  Other Sources of Orthophotos & imagery are provide in this list – try these and please, stop buying free, public domain data ;0) – this list is by no means complete but its a good starting point!
Something missing??? Tell me about it – finally, if your interested in learning how to access free data using arcgis online check out this free webinar from ESRI — Introduction to ArcGIS Online will air on ESRI’s Training and Education Web site at on July 19 at 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m., and 3:00 p.m. Pacific daylight time. 

5 responses to “Free GIS Data Tip: Orthophoto Servers and FTP sites… enjoy!

  1. I’d also like to recommend the Texas Natural Resources Information System.
    They have 500 gigs of all public domain geospatial information covering the entire state of Texas. They also have 8 terabytes of in-house data.

    The link to capcog is also incorrect.

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