Integrated USGS Topographic Maps, Street Overlays and Google Earth

Maptech Terrain Navigator Pro is a time-tested and popular mapping source for professionals working in land surveying, real estate, firefighting, search and rescue, forestry management, and off-road exploration. New at V8, Maptech Terrain Navigator Pro 8.0 Adds 1-Meter Color Aerial Photos NationwideTNP 8.0 — Additional Highlights & New Features:• Township & Range: TNP 8.0 displays TSR grids on topographic maps and aerial photos.• Overlay “U.S. Streets Module” on topo maps and aerial photos: $149.95 nationwide add-on. The ability to overlay streets and routes on topos and aerial photos lets the user create updated maps and photos with current street data—a feature not found in other street-based and topographic programs.• Touch Screen Friendly: The mouse swap button lets you interact with the TNP and map data either using the mouse or by moving your finger on a touch screen computer display.• Print Overlays: Overlays on topo maps and aerial photos can be previewed in the print window.• TNP 8.0 Tour: See how the program works and major features in action at

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One response to “Integrated USGS Topographic Maps, Street Overlays and Google Earth

  1. You’ve probably not seen it because, unless you’ve got a reason to look you probably won’t have looked, but…
    Some of the highest resolution images on google earth are of the Isle of Man, in the middle of the Irish Sea.

    The Isle of Man Government has recently released the images and they are done to sub meter resolution.

    Go and have a look!


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