Boopsie – smart, local search and even facebook access from any mobile

I just ran into a very cool new local search app called Boopsie. The app supports all major mobile platforms (even S60 3) and offers a great search tool for mobile users. I’m still testing but one cool feature is a mobile gateway to your facebook account.. providing access to all your friends and you can poke them or message them from your mobile.. this is very nice for me since facebook mobile doesn’t support t-mobile but this application does. There’s loads of other search channels providing fast access to common questions… like what’s the score in the game, what’s the weather, nearest starbucks location etc… as an example, one click then I type ft coll and I then had a listing of starbucks stores near me in fort collins along with a map too! You can grab the free download for you r mobile by visiting on your mobile browser- all you can eat data is recommended!


3 responses to “Boopsie – smart, local search and even facebook access from any mobile

  1. Facebook Friends is on my favorites list. It works better than the Facebook App itself. Love the mobile interface.

  2. i started using Boopsie also! u’ll notice how it’s faster than just using a web search on your phone.

  3. i really digg Boopsie too. cant stop telling all my friends to save themselves time…

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