Mobile offers up Click to Speak directions

I love speech to text enabled apps and has kicked off 2008 with a very cool new mobile offering in their voice-enabled driving directions. The app receives input from your voice commands, simply enter a start and end location and then the directions are pushed to your mobile via SMS… nice! Some features as listed by
Click to Speak builds on the award-winning(2) features of Mobile:

— Unique Interface for Streamlined Searching: Designed to minimize thumb
strokes, the Mobile home page offers links to key mobile
categories, making it easier to navigate to relevant results.

— Instinctive Tools: Including Smart Answers, which provide shortcuts to
answers and tools at the top of the search results page and Zoom Related
Search, which provides conceptually-related suggestions to narrow or
expand queries.

— Platform Independent: Mobile works on any mobile web browser so
consumers don’t have to worry about which carrier they are signed up with
or which mobile device they have.

— Nothing to Download: Mobile does not require a download to get

visit on your mobile

Ask Mobile with Dial Directions from xbrendanx on Vimeo.


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