US tech employment up by 8% in 07 – that’s 300k jobs

The end, or should I say the start of a new year is a great time to reflect on your job and look at state of the economy and our job sector in particular. With year-end number crunching we get some great information and are made aware of interesting trends, for example, did you know that even though it seems like we’re in the doldrums here US tech employment actually grew by 8% last year (300,000 new jobs) – that’s 2x the rate realized in 2005 according to InformationWeek. These numbers come from the summary of findings derived from Bureau of Labor Stats… Estimated employment in IT passed 3.76 million in 2007, based on the average of the BLS’ household surveys throughout the year. In 2006, employment was 3.46 million, for a gain of 292,000 jobs. The biggest growth came in the computer scientist and system analyst category, growing 15% to add 110,000 jobs. Next came IT management, growing 17% with 66,000 new jobs. Experts feel the growth trend is likely to slow as much of the fule has been provided by defense spending… See more in this article


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