GPSed real time GPS trip tracking, social networking

SHAPE Services officially announced the release of GPSed (, a complete solution for real time GPS trip tracking and a social networking place for GPS, digital photography and mobile users. GPSed installed on the latest BlackBerry, some Symbian or Java smartphones with a built-in or external GPS receiver can record tracks and transfer them to GPSed web service in real time. Users who already have a GPS receiver and some tracks may easily upload, view and share them using the software.


7 responses to “GPSed real time GPS trip tracking, social networking

  1. Hi,
    I am a blogger running a couple of blogs and 2 of them are connected with mobiles, so i wanted to know whether you guys are intersted in a link exchange.

  2. Nice! After 6 years we have some competition!

    Check out where you can have live trip tracking too!

  3. Hi i am kishore and i have a blog related content to your content shell we have link exchange.On my blog i am providing s60v3 applications and keygens and my blog is CLICK HERE TO VISIT MY BLOG

  4. hello nice to see your blog about n95
    i do have mine blog of n95 pictures

  5. forfengeligfaen

    Maybe you could try my real time GPS tracker, Phonelocator, It has a native S60 / Symbian client.

  6. What is the messgae format of the phone locator? Maybe we can support it on

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