British Columbia Government close to moving forward with Google Earth deal

This one from the Victoria Times Colonist… The B.C. government is set to announce a deal with online search engine Google that will make it the first Canadian province to link its detailed forestry, mineral and topographical database into Google Earth. According to the article, The province and Google are “within a month or so” of announcing more details and costs of the partnership. Recall in related news from B.C, Nanaimo ( recently launched a service that plots calls to its fire department in real time through Google Maps, allowing users to watch what the fire department is doing at any given moment. Nanaimo has been one of the most progressive cities around that have made their data available to users of Google maps and Google Earth.


3 responses to “British Columbia Government close to moving forward with Google Earth deal

  1. It was in fact the main headline, front page, in that paper! Gee, you guys are starved for news, eh? And, why such a big deal if it’s still a month away?

  2. hey “Anonymous”… I simply picked up on that headline and mentioned for the enjoyment of the rest of the planet… believe it or not, most people outsider of Victoria don’t read the TC, nor have they heard of it. Given Google’s recent effort to encourage cities to cough up 3D data for viewing in Earth this indeed is of interest… sorry!

  3. That’s big news for us BC residents as well…

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