Nice job on the video Networks in Motion (NIM)

I’m not sure why more companies don’t do this! NIM has released a YouTube video directly from CTIA Wireless 2008 describing what they to offers visitors to their booth. With smartphones now shipping with high quality video and mobile apps like Shozu enabling rapid upload to youtube, I would expect this to be more common. Although, it’s likely that one would have to upload their 5 minute vid via PC outside the exhibition hall due to the typical bandwidth over-usage at these shows… also, Shozu won’t handle a 10MB upload too well! I hope to see more of these on YouTube soon!

In the video, Networks In Motion’s CEO, Doug Antone, describes the company and introduces its newest application, AtlasBook Navigator™, a software platform available to NIM’s wireless carrier partners to implement into their own branded mobile phone navigation applications.


One response to “Nice job on the video Networks in Motion (NIM)

  1. At Carmenta, we did something similar when we were at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona – although in a slightly more low-tech way… (-:

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