SpotJots from ten23 takes 1st place in 2008 Navteq LBS Challenge with SpotJots

Just managed to catch the award ceremony for the 2008 Navteq LBS Challenge from Vegas… some very interesting apps from some new names. And the winner is… from ten23 Software SpotJots (See – about the app:
SpotJots enables users to upload their stories, reviews, pictures, video, audio and documents to their personal SpotJots blog, where the content can be associated with relevant location information and shared with the entire community, just friends or kept private for personal viewing only. Users can discover content and people through various site tools, including keyword searches, a public timeline, city exploration guides, references, a featured user list and maps which promotes spatial discovery of content. Of note, ten23 software was a semi-finalist in last year’s challenge with their cool SpotKast application

Congrats to all the winners!

Spotjots from ten23 software – powered by deCarta

1st Runner up – WildLab, powered by WHERE

2nd runner up (and the coolest name!) HeyWhatsThat – powered by WHERE

3rd Runner up AEN Mobile – Americas Emergency Network – powered by WHERE

Interesting to note about this years contest, over half of entries had some form of user-generated content in their apps!


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