A cool historical aerials site

A nice data tip comes our way from LizardTech a really cool historical aerials site hosted by NETR online (A Division of National Environmental Title Research, LLC). With the help of GeoExpress and Express Server NETR was able to publish aerials showing off different locations in the U.S. Some of the locations have data from several different years going back as far as the 1950s, so you can see the difference at any given location over time. See http://www.historicaerials.com


2 responses to “A cool historical aerials site

  1. Texas Geodata

    This is a great source for view, but they can charge you a lot for being able to print your images. For an historical search comparing all years it can cost you up to a 120 bucks and only take you as far back as 1957. You should check out http://www.txgeodata.com where you can get a similar product, for 50 dollars all decades included back to 1944. Also for Texas historical data and gis data check out http://TxGeoData.blogspot.com

  2. Cool site!GIS is a rapidly growing technological field that incorporates graphical features with tabular data in order to assess real-world problems. What is now the GIS field began around 1960, with the discovery that maps could be programmed using simple code and then stored in a computer allowing for future modification when necessary.
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