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Qik live video streaming on my N95 8GB

Thanks to Robert Scoble for introducing me to Qik, a way cool app that enables smartphone users to stream live video to the Quik site. You can also chat in real time… way cool! See

North Dakota streaming ArcIMS data web service

For a refresher on how to use the streaming web services on the GIS Hub, which allows you to use data without downloading it, please visit In the section titled, “ArcMap – ArcIMS Web Services” you will find information how you can stream both image data such as aerial photography and vector data such as roads. In the sections referring to “OGC Web Map Services (WMS)” you will find information on how you can use a web service with both ESRI and non-ESRI software.

The Sony Ericsson Paris Video of the UIQ P5 smartphone

An interesting video from Paris has been “leaked” to the public. The clip shows the P5, a UIQ smartphone that appears very sleek, has a touch UI, boasts mapping (GPS-enabled??), camera, video, and all the other goodies that come with such a next-gen device.

Indeed, this device is sweet to say the least!

For more on the P5, check out Engadget
or IntoMobile

Space Shuttle Discovery Launch update STS-124

Just reading up on details tomorrows Space Shuttle Discovery Launch. This mission is of interest to yours truly as friend and past neighbor in Florida, Air Force Col. Ron Garan is a mission specialist for NASA on his first NASA space flight. This mission will carry the largest payload so far to the station and includes three spacewalks. It is the second of three missions that will launch components to complete the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Kibo laboratory. The crew will install Kibo’s large Japanese Pressurized Module and Kibo’s robotic arm system. Discovery also will deliver new station crew member Greg Chamitoff and bring back Flight Engineer Garrett Reisman, who will end a three-month stay aboard the outpost. Good luck to the crew of STS-124

Relevant links:
For NASA TV streaming video, scheduling and downlink information see:

Twitter over capacity… oops!

Looks like Twitter has really caught on and too many people are tweeting this morning… OOPS! See if you have no idea what I’m talking about.

Hello to the Google Earth Web Browser Plug-in

The folks at Google have made a huge leap today, enabling developers to not only embed maps (via the maps API) into your website but now you can extend teh functionality of Google Earth to the web… sweet! This from the Google Lat/Long blog… “Today, I’m happy to announce the release of the new Google Earth Browser Plug-in, which brings the full power of Google Earth to the web, embeddable within your own web site. Driven by an extensive JavaScript API, you can control the camera; create lines, markers, and polygons; import 3D models from the web and overlay them anywhere on the planet. In fact, you can even overlay your content over different planets, stars, and galaxies by toggling Sky mode, letting you build 3D Google Sky mashups.” The Google Earth Browser Plugin is now live at

Details… The Google Earth Plug-in and its JavaScript API let you embed Google Earth, a true 3D digital globe, into your web pages. Using the API you can draw markers and lines, drape images over the terrain, add 3D models, or load KML files, allowing you to build sophisticated 3D map applications. If you have an existing Maps API site, you can 3D-enable your page with as little as one line of code.

hellotxt – update all your social networking apps

A quick tip on a nifty tool called Hellotxt. The app provides a simple online interface, enabling users to quickly update over all their social network apps (well, almost all of them) like jaiku, twitter, facebook, myspace, linkedin, pownce, etc… See