A tip – Weatherbug Severe Weather Alerts (mobile too)

I’m not sure about you but I’m getting tired of trying to keep tabs on the weather and more important, knowing if my area is under a severe weather alert (like a tornado). Chances are if you have the TV on or the radio you MIGHT get an alert. These are totally unreliable in my opinion though. Case in point, I have comcast for cable TV… I get interrupted for severe weather, sometimes, but the info alert is broken and sometimes not informative enough. And the radio… well, I’ll put it this way, a couple of weeks ago when a tornado ran by about 1.5 miles away from yours truly, the local radio station (which I had on) was playing music… ya thanks for that! Mindyou, I’m pretty much always on the PC or else I have my smartphone with me so it makes sense to have alerts via those mechanisms… enter WeatherBug. Jump there and you can download a free PC client (ad supported) and the service will load and inform you of severe updates. For mobile, a pay for service is available -this is an award winning service I believe – or it should be! See www.weatherbug.com


2 responses to “A tip – Weatherbug Severe Weather Alerts (mobile too)

  1. The thing about “local” radio stations is that very few are actually local. They’re usually just a computerized playlist with ads and locally-flavored station IDs included… and, though there’s a lot of argumentation about what happened in Minot, North Dakota… yours wouldn’t be the first time that a “local” station failed to report a potentially deadly situation.

  2. Try Emergency Email

    I find out about all kinds of stuff happening in my area that I don’t hear about otherwise.

    As for the WeatherBug….well, I used to have it on my computer until it started causing system problems and getting seen as a virus.

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