Interesting video presentations

I’m always interesting in seeing cool, new innovative marketing methods being used on corporate websites. Case in point, have you seen the GTG promotion that you get when you hit their homepage? A staffer appears in the lower-right corner of the page and provides a concise, clear description of the company’s services… quite impressive really! Not rocket science, but nonetheless, not used extensively yet for some reason. See


4 responses to “Interesting video presentations

  1. Interesting for sure, but I think it is one of the most irritating websites Ive ever seen. I felt awkward just watching them.

  2. Yeah, I’m far happier with an OPTIONAL video, preferably one from someone being themselves. How do we know this person even works there?

  3. ack, yah that kind of stuff makes me leave a site immediately. i agree with the comment above me, video should be optional. i had better ask for a site to talk to me or i’m leaving.

  4. I liked it.

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