Location-based party hopping.. where was this when I needed it?

Oh man, where was this app when I was growing up and going to College! The youth today have all the cool stuff… imaging this – broadcast the location of your party via mobile and get free drinks in return! Yes indeed, that’s the premise behind Meet Now Live (MNL). Some details… NL’s public beta launch includes a network of more than 2,000 bars, clubs, and lounges in the Metro New York, Jersey Shore, and Hamptons areas. This summer, anybody can register for the service free-of-charge at Meetnowlive.com, and then use it to find bars, nightlife, and friends. After registration, users broadcast their location from their Web-enabled mobile device (with optimized interface for iPhones), allow others to view their location broadcast in real-time, and let the party begin. visit http://www.meetnowlive.com or see more in this announcement


One response to “Location-based party hopping.. where was this when I needed it?

  1. I think , therefore i may be

    hi glen

    i think it is a neat idea. would louv to implement the same in http://www.findnearyou.com

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