Wanted movie trailer on MOSH, content Ad or WTF?

I can’t for the life of me figure out MOSH.. the business model, the community, the goal… don'[t get me wrong, it’s an awesome mobile community resource, but who’s running it and is it about community? I notice that the homepage spotlight is turned on to a movie trailer for the movie Wanted (Angelina Jolie). follow the link and you go to a user’s page where you can view teh trailer. Nowe, copyright material is not allowed on MOSH so this trailer must be provided by the creator or perhaps this is a clever advertisement… I’m not sure. The page of user “wantedmovie” also seems to have a banner ad for the movie which leads to the official website. So, what’s up MOSH, is this paid-for premium content disguised as MOSH user content or ??


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