Words for the device maker – keep it simple

Isn’t funny how sometimes the smallest, simplest things can make such a huge difference. We always hear of people searching for the elusive killer application or killer device. Take the iPod for example, cool device, although whay I would want one when my smartphone does the same thing but better and simpler to work with. The iPod is great but the iTunes application is… well, I can’t go there as some people would take ofence to my language ; 0) Another example – I recently came into posession of a new smartphone from Samsung. A cool device that runs Symbian OS 9 and has all the bells and whistles… one problem though and right out of the gate… getting the back cover off the device is incredibly tough. The first time it took us (yes, two of us) about 5-7 minutes. Pulling the SIM card out was almost as difficult, likely since I don’t have 3″ long finger nails! Perhaps you’ve experienced this with other devices, maybe trying to get the battery, open the casing, or perhaps to locate a common setting like changing your wallpaper or ringtone. Great advice for device makers and application developers – keep it simple, make sure it works, and make it simple to accomplish the common tasks, otherwise you will lose customers.


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