Finally, it’s official The Google Android G1 device

Today T-mobile made it offical, the company will be distributing the first Google Android mobile device – the G1 (from HTC). Some details… an open-source mobile platform led by Google. T-Mobile G1 is a touch-screen mobile phone that includes a QWERTY keyboard and features applications like Google Maps with StreetView, Gmail and YouTube. The phone will be available in the U.S. beginning Oct. 22 and in the United Kingdom in early November with other international launch dates scheduled throughout 2009. See the official announcement

More info… Based on the Android open source OS, the device sports some amazing functionality including: swipe, touch, embedded google apps (maps, search etc…) fast access to your most heavily-used apps (like YouTube, gmaps), slide-out QWERTY keyboard, drag/drop apps, MP3 player, 3MP camera, WiFi, access to mobile street views with compass mode option (this is way cool!!) amazing apps for carbon footprint detection, bar-code scanning, location services, and much more – this device, available from T-Mobile in the near future (or pre-order online now) will be HUGE! Pricing… $179 + contract (commercial launch Oct 22) – $35 month for unlimited web and messaging. As near as I can tell this device sports most of the functionality that you would want, except for, video capture, Bluetooth, and GPS! I’m still digging up info to determine exactly the full feature specs.


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