HomeZilla for the Canadian Homebuyers – local content done right!

Another awesome mashup catering to the real estate industry… Homezilla (homezilla.ca) – Neighourhood information for Canadian home buyers – HomeZilla has just released what they call “a one-stop shop for neighourhood information for Canadian home buyers”. The service offers lists of schools, the distance to restaurants, parks and much more. It can be accessed for free and with just a single click. According to the developers, HomeZilla’s mission is to make buying a home easier and faster. HomeZilla does this by quickly connecting you with valuable home-buying and neighbourhood information so you can make informed home buying decision. The webmap offers a pleasant UI that is fast and simple to use providing valuable information including information and POIs on schools, shops, parks, transit routes, restaurants, pubs, and even Canadadian census data. 2 Thumbs up on this clever mashup!

Some of the unique pieces of information available at HomeZilla includes:

  • 99% of all public Canadian schools
  • Over 1000 fire stations across Canada
  • Demographics like average age, median income, etc
  • Rail transit in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal
  • Over 800 liquor stores from across Canada

About the founder, Sandy Ward, 34, previously worked at Yahoo! as a Senior Engineering Manager where he ran the Front Pages for Canada, Quebec, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. See Details
See also the developer’s blog here

Plain and simple, HomeZilla is simple and good at what it’s supposed to do! Awesome maps, a simple UI, fast, and useful information… I love it!


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