Stay informed of drive times and save your routes

Are you using yet to help get you where your going on time? I have to admit I haven’t been an avid user… but the more I look into this service the more I’m loving on it. Simply register as a user at to plan your trips. You can easily check drive times by entering a start and end location, the app does the rest. Look deeper and then it starts getting very cool, particularly for commuters.

You can create and store trips that you regularly take and then have daily email alerts sent to you to help you plan your trip or maybe think about leaving 10 minutes earlier – hey, you may even want to take an alternative route! I know that for myself, if I’m heading South on I-25 to the airport, knowing the flow and condition of the Interstate is crucial in order for me to get to the gate in time. Having email alerts shows me the traffic flow and problem spots, estimated travel times, mass transit delays, and even notes about construction areas and even accidents… this is awesome! You can even put on your desktop using one of the handy widgets that are provided. If you’d rather have alerts sent directly to your mobile that’s easily accomplished as well via mobile – point your mobile browser to

At the time of writing this, if I were to be headed to DIA I would know that there’s a 6 minute delay due to one incident and the trip to the tollway turn-off would take me about 40 minutes… nice! See to setup your free profile and start saving yoru trips and routes.

Daily email reports can keep you informed prior to your commute

View your saved trips on your mobile handset using Mobile

Hotspots show you places to be aware of – I use this on I-25 all the time!

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