Blackberry storm – Touch, Built in GPS, Video, Camera, Maps and more

Yes indeed, the Blackberry Storm is here. This nifty device feature a Touch UI, 3.2 megapixel camera and much much more! Some of the features include:
* Wireless email
* Organizer
* Browser
* Phone
* Camera (3.2 MP)
* Video Recording
* BlackBerry® Maps
* Media Player
* Built-in GPS
* Corporate data access

For Developers:

The new BlackBerry JDE versions and simulators are available as free downloads at


3 responses to “Blackberry storm – Touch, Built in GPS, Video, Camera, Maps and more

  1. Ok,
    Are there not other phones on the market that already have these features like the HTC tilt?

    What makes this phone unique compared to other offerings?

    Maybe I am missing something…

  2. Glenn The GISuser

    sure there’s other devices that are similar, however, given that my blog here reaches a vast N.A-based audience this is a very signif announcement. Research shows that Mobile device users tend to stay very loyal to brand, meaning that if you are now a Nokia device user chances are very very high that your next device will be a Nokia. So, for the many blackberry device users this will be a very appealing option. what makes this unique??? Well, its a GPS-enabled, touch UI from Blackberry… say no more!

  3. Did not mean to sound negative. I was just curious as I am an avid lover of mobile phone technology. Good to see that blackberry is trying to keep up with the market.

    I have been an HTC user with windows mobile for a little while now and I guess as you point out, I am pretty much attached to it. It has built in GPS, but I guess that is fairly standard in HTC devices.

    I agree this does seem to be a great step forward for blackberry, they have had a decline in the market from what I remember compared to their hayday.

    Look forward to reading about this more.

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