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  1. Now for the fun part

    The fun side of GPS is now beginning to shine through. Yes, it’s damned useful in getting us from A to B, but what if we don’t know which letter we want to get to? What if we don’t care? In that moment, we often turn GPS off, as it’s a technology born of necessity (or, in my case, panic)… but that, my friends, is beginning to change. Microsoft’s Photosynth is perhaps one of the best arguments for just leaving GPS “on” in the background and then having done so, you are suddenly able to bring a whole new world to life. When taking pictures, cameras with GPS or Wi-Fi positioning on board are still just used as cameras, but upload the photos to Photosynth ( and because they’ve been geotagged with the exact co-ordinates of where they were taken, this ingenious bit of software uses your photo as one piece of a puzzle. It searches other databases, like the photo-sharing site Flickr and creates a wide vista (if you’ll excuse the pun), or 360o vision of the location. You can then move around that virtual area and explore; relive; have fun.


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