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A new favorite mashup! Get Taxi Fare estimates and maps on your mobile with TaxiWiz

TaxiWiz – what a clever mashup and a fine mobile app.. TaxiWiz is now available for 9 cities and hopefully more soon! Enter a start point and destination and taxiwiz routes you on Google maps, predicts a fare, and even can provide directions and routing… this is awesome! Using the PC version simply click a start and end point on the Google map and your route is traced. You are then presented with distance of trip, suggested taxi fee + tip, and then optional routing directions. The site also offers taxi tips to users as a handy extra. See

Results of a search for a taxi route in New York City using the PC client. Notice the suggested route and fee listed in upper left.

The TaxiWiz Mobile app as seen using Nokia N95 8GB device. Ideally I’d love to see this app taken a couple of steps further, for example, how about integrating it with Google Maps mobile? Since I have Google maps on my device perhaps an option to see the route on a map would be a nice offering. I’d also like to see an option to call a cab company or search for local cab companies… this app could be HUGE!

Affordable fleet management + Google maps – uBlip

I followed one of those pesky google ads and found a very cool app that enables anyone with $25 a month to spend to have their own fleet management and tracking system. Users need to buy the hardware, plug it in to their vehicle’s lighter, then the app tracks and logs your location. Users have acces via a web UI powered via Google maps and location information is constantly updated. Users can enabled geofencing and receive detailed reporting as well. Quite clever and affordable! Reminds of the similar app which users can actually try for free ( and run via their symbian handset. See

findbyClick mobile – location-aware Google Maps mashup

Map mashups are everywhere, many of them are also mobile enabled, providing users with the ability to update and share their places from their mobile… findbyclick is just such an application – location-based intelligence and social networking all in one. Findbyclick is a clever mashup and best of all it has a mobile app as well.

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Map Mashups: the what and why and which APIs are popular

Interested in seeing which Mashup APIs are popular? This is the topic in this recent discussion post… interesting! This article from Apex devnet provides some insight on developing a mashup using the platform… The second article in this series presents several concrete techniques for building mashups. By the end of the second article you will be in a position to comfortably create your own mashups on the Salesforce platform. The article looks closely at the Gogole maps API, using AJAX, and other APIs… Of interest, some of the most popular APIs for mashups according to programmable web include:
Google maps 50%
Flickr 10%
YahooMaps! 4%
Virtual Earth 3%

Looking for data or tools for your mashup? Try some of the following:
Yahoo! Geocoding service –
USGS Geonames –
USGS Elevation Service –

So what kind of mashup are HOT besides mapping? According to programmable web, video mashups, social mashups and photo mashups are leading the pack lately!

Housefront mashup predicts home values – send results to mobile

Are you interested in seeking the value of your home or your neighbor’s? No worries, try this useful mashup (using google maps API) at housefront. Simply enter the address and the property along with estimate is provided. Optionally, send the results to your mobile. see
The application is fast although at first glance, the reverse geocoding is a bit off.. 3 tests yielded 3 incorrect positions… I find the values are somewhat off (in our area anyway)… Zillow seems to provide better zestimates in my opinion. Finally, the send to cell doesn’t seem to work for my carrier either (t-mobile) even-though they are a valid option

Save the Date – Mashup Camp Dublin, Nov 10-12 – the unconference!

3 days of mashup programming and more… and likely a bit of buzz about Google OpenSocial and the coming facebook announcement! I almost forgot, Mashup Camp Dublin is taking place in a few days.. should be interesting to watch the blog from this one See also:, An impressive list of developers from companies like Yahoo!, IBM, AOL, Microsoft, Google and many others are on the attendee list.

Schmap boast Schmap for Mac, online guides, an open developer platform, and customizable widgets using Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft maps

Schmap, the developer and publisher of those very cool, free guides and Schmapplets has not only just passed the 30 million download mark, but they also have some cool updates. Most recently, the company is boasting Schmap for Mac, online guides, an open developer platform, and customizable widgets.

Schmap for Mac – Schmap desktop guides are now Mac compatible: Schmap Guides for both Mac and Windows can be downloaded for free at

Schmap Guides online – Readers who don’t require all our desktop functionality can now browse Schmap Guides online, complete with the same content as their desktop counterparts. Schmap Washington DC, for instance, can be browsed online at

User authored “schmapplets” – open platform for users to author their own map-integrated travel or local content. A showcase selection of user authored schmapplets can be viewed at

Customizable map widgets – simple for anyone to customize a map widget for a website or blog, with choice of size, color, city and map or satellite image via Google, Yahoo or Microsoft. Schmap map widgets can be customized at

More about Schmap Guides:
Online and desktop travel guides available at
30 million desktop travel guides downloaded since March 2006.
Guides include photos from 50,000 travelers and local residents.
200 worldwide destinations schmapped.
Unique platform integrates maps and travel guide content.

See more about Schmap and schmapplets in the article at

Tha sample widget below uses the Yahoo! maps API