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New home for AnyGeo blog

This blog will no longer be updated from this location, however, you can still follow AnyGeo and bookmark this new home —

Meet Me In the Middle Thanks to Google Reverse Geocoding

According to the Google geo dev blog this week, Google now is making reverse geocoding available to developers. This is pretty huge for developers… in a nutshell this enables developers to add functionality that generates an address from a lat/long pair – a much tougher process than the reverse, which is grabbing a coordinate pair from an address (geocoding). See more on this in this article

A cool video tour of Nokia house, Helsinki Finland – retro Nokia devices!

I just dug up this video clip that i captured in HElsinki at Nokia House… some very cool retro mobiles… check out the leopard skin communicator – awesome!

The online marketing virtual conference mashup

Can’t find an event of interest… why not create your own. With a ton of fine user-generated media on the web it has to be simple to locate speakers on hot topics that have appeared at events around the world (search youtube,, ustream, qik etc…) Do you need to know more about online marketing, the new media, web2.0 and social media? Well here’s a nifty virtual conference that’s been put together for your enjoyment. Sit back in your office chair, grab a coffee and enjoy the event.. no travel, no hotels, no lost luggage, no security lineup hassles etc… what a great idea!
Enter the event here

Event update – O’reilly Media iPhone Live 2008 event postponed

As a media partner for the event we were surprised to find out the event has been postponed. In a message from an O’reilly Media rep we hear the following…

We’re sorry to inform you that we’ve made the difficult business decision to postpone the O’Reilly iPhoneLive event. We apologize for the timing, and for any inconvenience this postponement may cause.

We are grateful for your support of the event and appreciate your desire to participate. O’Reilly is committed to exploring this space, and we’ll keep you informed of plans for a possible future version of the conference.

See the event website here... stay tuned!

VanMap (Vancouver, BC) Gets Update with 2008 orthophotos

An update from Jonathan Mark, GIS Manager, IT Department with the City of Vancouver informs us that the city has recently added the 2008 orthophotos to VanMap. They are of the same
high quality you are used to from VanMap and they join a large set of orthophotos and satellite imagery dating back to 1994. The 2008 images were acquired in late April, 2008. Enter VanMap here

Imagery for highlighting poor energy efficiency

Bluesky thermal maps reveal property ‘hot spots’ using a colour coded temperature map. Matched to Ordnance Survey maps and Council Local Land and Property Gazetteers, visitors to a Council’s website (UK) can simply type in their address and instantly get an idea of how much heat is escaping through their roof.

I’ve often wanted this ability in my area.. how cool would that be?? See details here